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Split HTML into separate chapters and ToC

Yesterday I have written a simple program which splits an XHTML file into several chapters (separate HTML files) and ToC. The program is fully customizable and themeable. Get it at Advertisements

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“Automatic transformation of XML namespaces” specification

Automatic transformation of XML namespaces specification releases its first draft. From the specification: This is a preliminary rough draft. There may be errors, omissions, and logical inconsistency. There should be added more formal explanations (not just examples as now), more … Continue reading

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My writer’s block is overcome

My writer’s block for my XML-related standard went away. I propose to classify XML namespaces into three distinct groups regarding “interaction” of elements (or attributes) of the same namespace. Then we can transform between namespaces of the same precedences in … Continue reading

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A new writer block on my XML transformations project

I have several times said that this my project failed but it was salvaged again. Now I again have a “writer block” concerning this project. See this unsolved problem.

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Specification draft moves to Wikiversity wiki

I’ve moved my work on “Automatic transformation of XML namespaces” to Wikiversity wiki site (as a research project). Now anyone can contribute. See this link:

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NLang is deadborn

My proposal for a new data description language NLang alternative to RDF is probably deadborn. I have missed the rationale: The rationale for NLang was that the data is not messed up when loading information from several files. But today … Continue reading

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A new data description language

There is RDF. Why to create a new data description language? Several RDF files (possibly downloaded from the Web and non-trusted) may be merged in such a way that it creates contradictory data. It contradicts to design goals of this … Continue reading

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