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XML Boiler project reached an important milestone

XML Boiler project reached an important milestone: To make the first release it remains to debug it. (Also need to create particular XML processing scripts to make it useful.) XML Boiler is the implementation of my¬†Automatic transformation of XML namespaces … Continue reading

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Dear Martin, This is a letter to Martin Fowler, which I also publish in my blog. I am rather wondered why you don’t do any mention in your article about the following problem: Real classes which use dependency injection … Continue reading

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Finished translation of namespace transformer to Python

I originally started to write my XML Boiler software in Ada. Ada compiler has too many bugs. I switched to Java. I discovered for myself that Java byte arrays are limited to about 4GB of bytes, this makes problematic processing … Continue reading

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Library to spawn a process with given input and receive its output

I have created a C library¬†to span a process with given input and receive its output. One cannot just write to stdin of a process and then read its stdout through pipes, because this way it may lead to a … Continue reading

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A new problem appeared writing automatic XML transformations

This is about Automatic transformation of XML namespaces. Previously I divided all transformations into two groups: with a given source and target namespace (as converting DocBook into HTML); with only source given but not the target (as for XInclude). Today … Continue reading

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Expired access token in Google OAuth

I sought in Internet how to determine from Google response whether an access token is expired. I found no definitive answer. So, finally I created an access token and waited for a hour to see the Google response when I … Continue reading

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Why Linux is better than Windows

One man asked me: I have heard of Ubuntu Linux, but have never seriously considered using it. What makes it “good”? Here is my reply (not aspiring for completeness, Linux has other advantages also): I could say that the “main” … Continue reading

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