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Why Linux is better than Windows

One man asked me: I have heard of Ubuntu Linux, but have never seriously considered using it. What makes it “good”? Here is my reply (not aspiring for completeness, Linux has other advantages also): I could say that the “main” … Continue reading

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The driver by Innova is broken

I recently bought an UPS by the Innova company. On the box it was written “Linux”. I opened the box and got a CD disk. On the CD was the folder “linux”. In the folder was some old broken version … Continue reading

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“The Machine” and operating system

I’ve said earlier, that Linux would be inefficient with The Machine computer architecture, because its different memory model. Thus, as I said earlier, The Machine requires development of a radically new operating system, not just an adaptation of Linux. I … Continue reading

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“The Machine” and Ada

Hewlett Packard company announced a new kind of future computers, called The Machine. One of the features of The Machine is that it will have many special purpose CPU cores instead of a few general purpose cores like modern computers. … Continue reading

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Replacement of paper in HP printers

I’ve bought an HP printer, but laid it into an attic because it persisted to highlight “no paper” indicator even after I inserted paper. So I bought an other (also HP) printer: DeskJet 1050A. Soon I’ve found a similar trouble … Continue reading

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