Why Linux is better than Windows

One man asked me: I have heard of Ubuntu Linux, but have never seriously considered using it. What makes it “good”? Here is my reply (not aspiring for completeness, Linux has other advantages also): I could say that the “main” advantage over Windows is that the system goes together with applications. You can update ALL installed applications with single command. You can easily update all … Continue reading Why Linux is better than Windows

The driver by Innova is broken

I recently bought an UPS by the Innova company. On the box it was written “Linux”. I opened the box and got a CD disk. On the CD was the folder “linux”. In the folder was some old broken version of the program Upsilon and no driver. (The built-in driver coming with Debian Linux also didn’t work.) I returned the UPS to the seller. Shame … Continue reading The driver by Innova is broken

“The Machine” and operating system

I’ve said earlier, that Linux would be inefficient with The Machine computer architecture, because its different memory model. Thus, as I said earlier, The Machine requires development of a radically new operating system, not just an adaptation of Linux. I have said: Linux is dead. Recently I have realized that this is wrong: We indeed can adapt Linux to The Machine, and it will be … Continue reading “The Machine” and operating system

“The Machine” and Ada

Hewlett Packard company announced a new kind of future computers, called The Machine. One of the features of The Machine is that it will have many special purpose CPU cores instead of a few general purpose cores like modern computers. This provides a challenge for software developers, to make efficient software for such an architecture. And a base for such solution exists! It is Ada … Continue reading “The Machine” and Ada

Replacement of paper in HP printers

I’ve bought an HP printer, but laid it into an attic because it persisted to highlight “no paper” indicator even after I inserted paper. So I bought an other (also HP) printer: DeskJet 1050A. Soon I’ve found a similar trouble with it. It was not ceasing highlight “no paper” indicator even after insertion of paper. So I decided my second printer is also broken and … Continue reading Replacement of paper in HP printers