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Automatic XML transformations between namespaces – draft status

I have revised the draft about Automatic XML transformations between namespaces. This is the first version of the draft which is nearly complete (except of descriptions of particular transformations). However: There may be errors, omissions, and logical inconsistency. There should … Continue reading

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“The Machine” and Ada

Hewlett Packard company announced a new kind of future computers, called The Machine. One of the features of The Machine is that it will have many special purpose CPU cores instead of a few general purpose cores like modern computers. … Continue reading

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A new version of XML Namespaces Transformations specification

I’ve updated Automatic transformation between XML documents with different namespaces specification. The main difference of the last updated draft is that it supports running transformations on elements with namespaced attributes: It can be used for example to process XLink attributes, … Continue reading

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