complex engineering

A Programming Task I Overengineered

There is a C library librdf. I wrote its D wrapper to be used for my revolutionary software XML Boiler. I did for most kinds of objects *WithFinalize and *WithoutFinalize. *WithoutFinalize holds a copy of a C library handle, which should not be finalized when the D struct holding it is destroyed. I wrote even an article on this my “great” idea. But now I’ve … Continue reading A Programming Task I Overengineered

“The Machine” and Ada

Hewlett Packard company announced a new kind of future computers, called The Machine. One of the features of The Machine is that it will have many special purpose CPU cores instead of a few general purpose cores like modern computers. This provides a challenge for software developers, to make efficient software for such an architecture. And a base for such solution exists! It is Ada … Continue reading “The Machine” and Ada