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“The Machine” and operating system

I’ve said earlier, that Linux would be inefficient with The Machine computer architecture, because its different memory model. Thus, as I said earlier, The Machine requires development of a radically new operating system, not just an adaptation of Linux. I … Continue reading

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Toward robust Linux sandbox

Sandboxing means running a program in a closed environment (such as no permission to open new files, no or restricted network access, etc.) in order to protect from malicious or erroneous software. In Fedora Linux there is `policycoreutils` package which … Continue reading

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Two underestimated IT projects

There are at least two very much underestimated projects in the field of information technology. The first one is of course Linux for desktop computers. The second underestimated project is Ada programming language. It could well compete with C++ but … Continue reading

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Buggy driver of Lexmark X2670?

I bought a Lexmark X2670 printer/scanner device today. I downloaded their Debian Linux driver from Internet. When trying to install, it was firing an error message that CUPS 1.2 or above is necessary despite I have CUPS 1.4.1. After some … Continue reading

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