Why Linux is better than Windows

One man asked me: I have heard of Ubuntu Linux, but have never seriously considered using it. What makes it “good”?

Here is my reply (not aspiring for completeness, Linux has other advantages also):

I could say that the “main” advantage over Windows is that the system goes together with applications. You can update ALL installed applications with single command.

You can easily update all programs to the newest version and after this you sometimes may even not reboot.

After my Linux was installed, I had Alt+F4 like Windows to close the current window. I reconfigured it to Ctrl+Esc. Can you do similar key rebinding with Windows?

Also it is more reliable, less affected to trojans.

Linux is faster and requires less resources.

You choose from several windowing systems: including Gnome (which I use), KDE, and others. (In Windows you are limited to user32.dll and nothing other.) In my opinion Gnome is much more convenient than Windows.

When you buy a new computer, you can easily copy the files from the old computer, and there is no need to reinstall Linux or applications anew. (Not so with Windows.)

However, there are some drawbacks:

Not all videocards work, it is difficult (or impossible with some models) to configure an UPS.

I haven’t succeed to configure hibernation of the PC.

There is no PhotoShop or MS Office (however there is Gimp and LibreOffice).

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Split HTML into separate chapters and ToC

Yesterday I have written a simple program which splits an XHTML file into several chapters (separate HTML files) and ToC.

The program is fully customizable and themeable.

Get it at GitHub.com.

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Google AdWords bug slowed down my ad campaign :-(

I have started a Google Grant AdWords campaign for an USA based nonprofit recently (about two days ago).

It worked well and I was enjoyed.

But then it was closed for “maintenance” as they say for 2-3 days (I don’t remember the exact word Google used to describe “maintenance”.) After about a day maintenance seemingly ended.

But now I have another problem: Google says “Your keyword isn’t triggering ads to appear on Google right now due to a low Ad Rank. Ads are ranked based on your bid and Quality Score.” for seemingly every of my 355 keywords and so the account is stale. Many of my keywords have 6/10 (and maybe above, I have not checked every keyword) rank and I could expect this is enough to show.

Also, this message “Your keyword isn’t triggering ads to appear on Google right now due to a low Ad Rank. Ads are ranked based on your bid and Quality Score.” is sometimes displayed twice (instead of once as it should be) in the keyword performance popup.

Sometimes a keyword start to work for a short interval of time and then disappears again. So I have a click each 30 minutes or so.

I suspect Google bug. (Yes, I have written them through the Feedback form that I report a bug.)

I’ve called AdWords support. They have said me that I should remove broad match keywords like Bible and also for three keywords like Bible translation, “Bible translation”, and [Bible translation] leave only one of the three.

I didn’t try to follow the Google’s employee advice, as it seems a wrong advice for me.

I have reported the bugs to Google.

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“Automatic transformation of XML namespaces” specification

Automatic transformation of XML namespaces specification releases its first draft.

From the specification:

This is a preliminary rough draft. There may be errors, omissions, and logical inconsistency. There should be added more formal explanations (not just examples as now), more examples, and more explanation. The standard may change.

However, the first draft is released and it is a complete specification, which should be formal enough to write an implementation. (I am going to write an implementation in Ada.)

Note that for this to be practically useful, we need a robust sandbox (it is proposed for Linux).

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My writer’s block is overcome

My writer’s block for my XML-related standard went away.

I propose to classify XML namespaces into three distinct groups regarding “interaction” of elements (or attributes) of the same namespace.

Then we can transform between namespaces of the same precedences in such a way that in the case if elements interact, there remains only one namespace, thus not interacting elements of different namespaces.

I should write an exact specification for this idea, but the way is now open, I am past of my writer’s block.

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A new writer block on my XML transformations project

I have several times said that this my project failed but it was salvaged again.

Now I again have a “writer block” concerning this project.

See this unsolved problem.

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VPS for an unbelievably low price

Today I have moved all my Web sites from an old VPS hosting to Digital Ocean VPS hosting.

Their prices start from unbelievable $5 per month for a server with 20GB SSD disk.

I myself use the 2GB RAM, 40GB SSD hosting for unbelievable price $20/month (not counting backup price).

Click this link to order the VPS hosting (clicking this link you also earn $10).

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