My experience with Gnome 3 in Debian Linux

Because the latest Skype for Linux was not installable with Debian Linux 6 (Squeeze) I decided to install pre-release (“testing”) of Debian Linux (called “Wheezy” or just Debian 7).

The main change which I felt was Gnome 2 -> Gnome 3.

Previously I used Sawfish window manager. I liked it for configurability. I especially liked it for vertical window maximization which I used to vertically maximize the window of TeXmacs word processor (which support formulas), which I use to write down my math research.

First I felt sad for missing vertical window maximization in Gnome 3 default shell (“Mutter”), but dag keyboard preferences in “System Settings” and found that I call assign a keyboard key for vertical window maximization.

The rest of my experience with Gnome 3 is positive. It is more convenient than the shells I used previously.

I am not going to describe here every single feature of Gnome 3 and how I like it (surely many bloggers have already done this). It seems being just good.

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